What the Hell is the VAERS Database for?

By Devin

August 30, 2021

Alright, I have to write about this because I am getting frustrated as hell by these idiots out there saying and parroting the line, “Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.” As if that has a damn thing to do with it! The VAERS (Vaccination Adverse Events Reporting System) was never intended to prove a causal relationship between the administration of a vaccine and a subsequent reaction to it. It was created to alert medical authorities and government health agencies if a pattern of adverse events begins to emerge related to a particular vaccine. We now have over 5,000 deaths reported in VAERS for the COVID vaccines. To put this into perspective, that happened in eight months, whereas the total number of deaths reported for all other vaccines in the 30 year history of the VAERS database is under 3,500! Tell me that’s not a pattern! Go ahead. Tell me one more time! BULLSHIT!

That phrase about reports not necessarily meaning causation really just means that each and every case has not been investigated to confirm or deny the cause of the adverse event. That’s it. And I fully expect that if such an investigation were conducted, what you would find is a few that you could ultimately point to something else as the cause. But let’s be realistic here, what are the odds that that is more than just a handful of the reported cases? Seriously. Far more probably the vast majority of the reported COVID vaccine adverse events, and particularly deaths, were caused by the COVID vaccines. This reminds me of a game my kids used to play. I’d give them scenario and they would try to invent alternative explanations to the obvious one. The crazy Gordian Knot explanations they came up with were utterly ridiculous. But they all had one single element in common. They were, however remotely, possible. I told them emphatically, “possible does not mean probable!” And I think anyone who considers him or herself to be an adult understands this.

The next thing I hear from these self-same idiots is that the VAERS database is open to anyone who wants to submit an entry, so therefore the data are unreliable. Okay, let’s talk about that for just a moment. How many people who aren’t healthcare professionals even knew of the existence of the VAERS database until very recently? And even now, how many people know about it? Not many is my guess. The fact is, that nearly every entry in the VAERS database was submitted by a healthcare professional who observed an adverse event following a vaccine that they could not otherwise explain. Else why on God’s green earth would they waste their time submitting it? They aren’t that stupid! They knew about the database and they took the time to report the event. Furthermore, most of the people like myself who had never heard of the VAERS database still would not have heard of it if the numbers of adverse events, and particularly deaths, related to the COVID vaccines were not already off the charts. In other words, if there really was nothing to see here, then I wouldn’t have been compelled to write this article, because I wouldn’t even know the database existed. I say this because there might be some idiots out there who would suggest that people who are not healthcare professionals have been entering false data. Nevermind the level of effort that would take and how difficult it would be to do in such a way as to not be obvious. A simple statistical analysis would prove the lie.

Now I want to address a serious conflict of interest going on here. Who are the people out there saying that a reported event in the VAERS database does not necessarily mean causation? You know the answer. The VERY SAME people who are pushing as hard as they can for 100 percent vaccination of the world population. Them and all their mindless, robotic shills called Medical Doctors. And all the government health agency tin pot tyrants across the land. And all the mainstream media shilling for the pharmaceutical industry and spouting wall-to-wall propaganda for the Deep State and the Biden Regime.

A doctor friend of mine recently sent me a link to an article posted at factcheck.afp.com on the subject of posts misrepresenting European data on COVID-19 vaccine deaths. In the article, the following quote can be read: “EMA has identified a few rare but serious side effects with Covid-19 vaccines, and in some, but by no means all cases, these have proved fatal.” The spokeswoman quoted here went on to say, “Apart from these rare cases, there is no indication that the deaths reported were caused by vaccination.” Can you believe this sh__? The first statement is an admission that some of the reported deaths were, in fact, caused by the COVID vaccines. Straight up. Guilty as charged. The very next admission is that they don’t really have an accurate number (or any number at all, for that matter) of how many were, in fact, killed by the vaccines because they haven’t looked into them. What I want to know is, how did they confirm the cases of vaccine-caused fatalities and why in the name of God have they not investigated every single other case until an undeniable conclusion was reached? Are we now so completely inhumane that we don’t really care anymore if someone dies? This is unbelievable. Yet, every word of it is true.

Literally the only argument provided by these monsters is that “there is no indication that the deaths reported were caused by vaccination.” That’s it. Period. If that is really true, then these databases, VAERS and others, are utterly and completely useless. If one can simply blow off over 5000 deaths by simply saying, oh, there’s no proof the vaccines caused them, then why even bother recording this kind of data?! And the TOTAL lack of curiosity by these “people” to find out whether or not there is a causal relationship is incredibly weird. Unless, of course, there is a real conflict of interest, as I have pointed out.

The next idiotic thing I hear from these same freaks is how many billions of the COVID vaccines have been administered and how even if a small number of people die as a result of an adverse reaction to them, the “benefit outweighs the risks.” This is followed by politicians clamoring for “mandatory vaccination” and vaccine passports. Let me just tell you people who are saying this, I WILL BE THE JUDGE OF WHETHER THE BENEFIT OUTWEIGHS THE RISKS OR NOT! NOT YOU! And if you are one of those people who agrees with the vaccine pushers on this, let me ask you, if one of those deaths that they have admitted was caused by COVID vaccines was you or your spouse or you own child, would you still think the benefit outweighed the risks??? If you would, you’re an idiot. And a collectivist scumbag. I guarantee you that if anyone else makes a product with this many deaths associated with it, that person or those people are going to be sued into oblivion and then, quite possibly, criminally prosecuted. Not even this many deaths. It only takes three to form a pattern that can meet the definition of proof in a court these days.

So I’m done listening these fools spout this crap about “reports do not necessarily mean causation.” And if you have even two neurons to rub together, you should be, too.

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