My Body, My Choice.

Why mandatory vaccines are ridiculous

The death-loving, pro-abortionists are always shouting “my body, my choice!” Well, is this true, or not?

July 23, 2021

By Devin

Practically every day now the drumbeat in the news, at your doctor’s office, your workplace, everywhere, to GET VACCINATED YOU IDIOT!!! gets louder and louder. I ask you, why?

I’m old enough to remember when doctors all agreed that the purpose of achieving a high vaccination rate in a given population was to protect those who could not get the vaccine. The number I’ve always heard bandied about is something like 80 percent. At this level, so few people haven’t been vaccinated that the disease cannot find another host to infect before the infected person’s immune system wipes it out, or they die. This makes sense and it always has, because it hasn’t always been possible to vaccinate everyone. Not everyone could afford the cost. You had to go to a doctor and they cost money. There weren’t enough doses to vaccinate literally everyone, so you vaccinated as many as you could. In the past, the inability of some people to get vaccinated was a real thing.

But notice something here. The purpose of achieving a high vaccination rate is to “protect those who cannot get the vaccine.” So tell me, who in America, cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine? It is so widely available now that some states are offering to pay people to get it and setting up vaccine lotteries, while others are considering making it mandatory. And it’s free! And many businesses are starting to require employees and customers be vaccinated. There’s talk about vaccine passports. All this talk would be absurd if the vaccine was simply not available to everyone who wants it. (Or if, maybe, it doesn’t actually protect people? But that presents a whole different set of absurdities that make no sense.)

Therefore, my question to anyone who thinks they have the answer is, if everyone who wants the COVID-19 vaccine has gotten it or can get it whenever they want, then why does it matter if there are people who choose not to get it? Seriously. If all the people who have gotten the vaccine are protected (and they are the ones shouting for everyone else to get it), then why do they care about whether or not anyone else gets it? The only argument could be that they want the voluntarily unvaccinated to get vaccinated so as to protect the other voluntarily unvaccinated. But the voluntarily unvaccinated either do not care if they get COVID-19 or they have decided that the potential benefits do not outweigh the risks. If this were not true, they’d go get the vaccine. As everyone knows, it’s readily available to anyone who wants it. So this argument is idiotic.

If the unvaccinated are unvaccinated purely by choice, then they have accepted the risk associated with that decision and no vaccinated person who disagrees with that decision need worry about them, since they themselves are protected by the vaccine. So, to all you vaccinated busybodies out there that are pissed at those of us not getting the vaccine, mind your own damned business!

My body, my choice!

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